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About Us

Seval confectionery, founded in 1987, has been producing tastes which sweeten mouths for 23 years. Seval Confectionery, which produces in 2000 square meters modern and hygienical facility in site of confectionery industry of Konya with its 50 experienced and professional staff, offers products to customers in 3 ways;chocolate, confectionery and gifts. Seval confectionery which gains acclaims of Turkish consumers with its manufacturing policy continues to work to be an acclaimed brand in world markets.Seval Confectionery which exports on 3 continents to nearly 20 countries with its export department, founded in 2009, has determined its target more on exportation. Also it continues succesfull works in target for introduce more people to qualified products and effective marketing activities

Our Mission

Seval Confectionery which offers to customers different tastes with 60 kinds in 3 groups, surely goes to way of its target to transport its qualified products to more areas and more consumers.

Our Visiyon

Chocolate, confectionery and gift products group to be a rising value from Konya to Turkey. To become a well-known company in Africa and Middle East countries.


About Seval Chocolate

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